Heading towards summer vacation

Well, the academic year 2011-2012 is well and truly over. The vacation season is upon us, and for the most part the university will start to cool down after this and next week.

I will also try to forget work and get some rest. If only I would not have just gotten into the “zone” when it comes to writing! I feel like this vacation comes at a very bad time, but perhaps I can jot down some notes with pen and paper and just be creative with it – not approach writing like it would be work. It is anyway interesting how writing can sometimes feel like it is a break from the “real work” I do when teaching and supervising. Of course it depends on what I am writing, but I must say that a good, solid afternoon of writing can be just as invigorating as doing some other recreational activity. It clears the head and leaves you relaxed.

Currently I am working on a book chapter to Routledge Companion to Video Game Studies (due August 15th), and a couple of other conference papers and article drafts in the works. Let’s see how the summer pans out with regards to writing:)