Jammin’ at the Nordic DiGRA 2012

For two days now I have the pleasure of participating in the Nordic DiGRA 2012 at Tampere, Finland. This event is the little sister of the DiGRA main conference, arranged bi-annually. Being a partner in the Finnish Science Academy -funded project looking at gaming cultures in Finland, I got to participate in creating this conference from planning meetings to overseeing one review track (games as media and communication). And during the two-day conference, I will chair three work groups and be the respondent in one paper session.

It is nice type of work, to get a varied look at what is happening in the field, and to be able to give input to work in progress research. While the new financial realities of Finnish universities do not encourage conference participation, I feel very strongly that this kind of cross-pollunation is ever so important for the academia, and that it is a shame that our resources for organizing and participating in such events are often so limited. Conference, I give you a thumbs-up!