I currently work as an Associate Professor in Intercultural and Digital Communication at the Department of Language and Communication Studies, University of Jyväskylä, Finland.

In my everyday work I do both research and teaching, with the added “spice” of administrative and strategic work. While I am not a native English-speaker, for the longest time I have worked mostly in English. This applies to both research and education, since my teaching post is in an international MA programme. This is also the reason why this blog is in English only – I see my work as very international even when I am sitting in my office in Jyväskylä.

I have worked in the academic world for more than fifteen years now. In that time I have taught dozens of courses both in Finnish and in English, at the undergraduate and MA levels as well as for doctoral students. I see the University as a place where people really learn how to use their brain instead of learning ready-made answers by heart. Accordingly, I try to encourage open discussion when teaching, and feel most at home in courses that include group work or similar methods. I do like to lecture as well (as my wife would surely agree), but if I got to choose, I would pick a dialogue-like teaching situation over a lecture any day.

I have a PhD in Speech Communication, and my research interests mostly deal with social interaction in online or otherwise technologically mediated settings. Examples of keywords that are currently of interest to me include online communities, game studies, intercultural simulations, newsgames, (global) virtual teams, artificial intelligence, and leadership communication in distributed settings.

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