Newsgames going forward

Last year I had the pleasure of working together with talented people both from our department and that of Computer Sciences in a pilot project looking into the creation and reception of newsgames. What are newsgames, you might ask, and for a good reason. The seminal book published by Bogost, Ferrari and Schweizer in 2010 keeps the door open for a variety of manifestations (including ponderings on crossword puzzles), but in our project, we focused more clearly on contemporary digital games and game-like interactive data-journalistic experiments.

Now, this spring we are at it again, this time with the local newspaper Keskisuomalainen, with the intention of exploring in practice what newsgames could be and how one could go about creating them. We have three very talented teams working on designs as I write this, ready to pitch their initial ideas to the news organization in our next meeting. We will be keeping a close eye on this project, and try to report the outcomes of this particular type of project-based learning later on.

If you are interested in this particular topic, please contact me and let’s see what we can do together!